Hedgehog Haven (Older Toddlers Pre-Preschool Room)

Hedgehog Haven

  • The ages for this room are from  2 1/2 to 3 1/2  yrs old

  • We provide one caregiver in ratio for 8 toddlers

  • The Hedgehog Haven room accommodates up to 12 children

  • At the age of  3 1/2 the child then graduates to the Caterpillar Cove (preschool room) or parents may also choose the Children’s House (Montessori preschool room)

Hedgehog Haven is a room set up especially for the older toddlers. In this class they will be working on gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills. The Hedgehogs work on alphabet and number recognition, sharing and being respectful during their day here at Creative Kids Day Care.  

The children in the Hedgehog Haven should be on their way to potty training. We enjoy watching them grow physically, socially and in their independence.

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